Whether for ships in the private, commercial or military sector – IMS is your competent partner!

When it comes to diesel engines in for example private yachts, freighters and ferries or coastguard or military ships, numerous international customers rely on our extensive expertise, our wide-ranging experience and our tailor-made services.


The clientele of IMS includes both government and private rail companies, who rely on our knowledge, our quick reaction times and our individual service. For example, Deutsche Bahn, Austrian Railways and Hungarian railways are amongst our satisfied customers.

The engines that we regularly maintain in accordance with the regulation, repair or replace if necessary, are used both in locomotives and railcars.


Commercial vehicles fulfil a multitude of tasks. They are particularly essential in the construction industry and in agriculture and forestry. Wheel loaders, road construction machinery, mobile cranes, excavators, tractors, harvesters, combine harvesters, forestry and forest harvesting equipment primarily need one thing: reliable engines.

With its range of services, IMS contributes to making the engines in your commercial vehicles work as smoothly as possible. Day after day.


In the oil and gas industry, large diesel engines are used e.g. as drives for pumps and generators or as emergency power generators, or as fire extinguisher pumps – and often under extreme conditions. Therefore, regular maintenance, the replacement of individual components or repairs are very important.

IMS is also a competent partner in this challenging area and ensures the highest standard of reliability for the engines used.


Large complexes such as airports, hospitals and universities require a reliable, fail-safe electricity supply, as far as possible. Large generators for energy generation of approx. 600 kW to 10,000 kW ensure a continual power supply or a possible emergency power supply.

IMS ensures that the engine systems are always optimally maintained, and repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, in the case of failures.

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