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Overhaul of drive engine MTU series 16V956TB91 for a shipyard in the South East Asia region.

The task was to provide a complete engine with an overhaul, maintenance level W6, and to re-commission it on-site – all this during the 4-month berthing period.

The customer took advantage of the ALL-INCLUSIVE service of IMS. The engine was removed by the IMS team on-site, packaged for air transport and hauled to Germany to our repair workshop hangar where it was completely disassembled and the repair of all engine components for maintenance level W6 was performed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Subsequently, the engine was reassembled using new parts.

In the customer's presence, a successful engine test run took place, the requested paint was applied and the engine was perfectly preserved and packaged for the transport back. On location, our team was already waiting upon the engine's arrival. Due to its thorough preparation, IMS was also available during the first test runs after its smooth installation and commissioning. The ship was ready for use already two weeks ahead of the end of its planned berthing period.

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